Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Services

SoulLogic is home to two amazing NCCAOM Board-certified acupuncturists licensed by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

Dr. Mona L. Robbins, DAOM, L.Ac.

Sarah Murn, L.Ac.

Assisting modalities include instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (gua sha), myofascial decompression (cupping), heat therapy, acupressure massage, electro-stimulation, kinesio-taping, dietary therapy, and herbal medicine.

Initial Treatment

(90 minutes)

This session allows extended diagnostic time for new patients. Designed specifically for you to optimize your mind and body. Treatments may include acupuncture, acupressure, electro-stimulation, medical massage (tuina), myofascial decompression (cupping), instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (gua sha), kinesio-taping, and herbal medicine prescription.


Follow-up Treatments

(60-90 minutes)

Follow-up treatments are based on time: 60-75-90 minutes.

  • 60-minute includes one-sided acupuncture
  • 75-minute includes one-sided acupuncture with bodywork/ energy work.
  • 90-minute extended acupuncture with bodywork.

Designed specifically for you to optimize your mind and body. Includes acupuncture plus other modalities as needed, such as electro-stim, medical massage (tuina), myofascial decompression (cupping), instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (gua sha), kinesio-taping and herbal medicine prescription.


Eastern Medicine Healing Session

(80 minutes)

Balance your meridians and empower your mind & body with this deeply relaxing hands-on healing session performed by our Doctor of Eastern Medicine. Includes acupuncture, hot towels, warm-oil acupressure treatment on neck/chest, arms/hands & legs/feet. Also includes a unique and restorative meridian-focused acupressure warm-oil treatment on the back, head, & neck to relax tight muscles, improve organ function, and calm the mind.

**NEEDLE-FREE option is available

**Available to new clients


Eastern Medicine Spa

(100 minutes)

This is the EASTERN HEALING SESSION plus a 20-minute Eastern Medicine Facial including guasha, acupressure, and cupping on the neck and face to stimulate collagen & elastin and move your Qi & blood to nourish your skin. The face has many acupressure points that help to calm the mind and balance your meridians.

**NEEDLE-FREE option is available.

**Available to new clients.


Quick Rescue Treatment

Intensive Injury Therapy

(30 minutes)

Performed by our Doctor of Integrative Medicine, this is not a spa treatment, but rather an intensive 30-minute therapy session targeting an injury. Excellent for back, neck, knee, shoulder & hip injuries. This hands-on healing session incorporates multiple modalities including, gua sha, cupping, heat therapy, acupressure massage, Kinesio-taping, herbal medicine prescription (herbal medicine not included).



Acupuncture and bodywork

(80 minutes)

The StressBuster is a special acupuncture treatment that will help you feel grounded and strengthened. Includes, energy work, bodywork, cupping, and some ancient Chinese wisdom to help you sleep, recharge and take on the world. Herbal medicine recommendation included.