This recipe helps the body deal with the common cold via Chinese Medicine dietary therapy theory. Use organic ingredients, if possible. You can replace the chicken, chicken broth and bone broth with vegetable base. However, it will not have the same nourishing properties according to Chinese Medicine, but it will have the same exterior releasing properties.


1 chicken breast or 2 thighs

3-4 carrots sliced

3-4 green onions chopped (separate the white part from green)

2 Tablespoons – fresh grated or finely minced ginger (don’t use dried)

2-3 garlic gloves minced

Quart –  bone broth (best) or chicken broth or combo (can make broth with bouillon and water)

Chicken bouillon to taste. ( I use “Better than bouillon- chicken” – about 1-2 tablespoons)

1 cup – uncooked capellini (angel hair) pasta broken into small pieces about 1” long.


  1. Bake or sauté chicken. Dice chicken and set aside.
  2. In medium pot add broth, carrot. Boil 5-8 mins or until carrot is half-way cooked.
  3. Add uncooked pasta, white onions, ginger and garlic, cook 5-8 mins or until pasta tender. Do not overcook ginger, garlic and onion, the aromatic part of the herb is essential. If necessary, add pasta sooner to avoid overcooking ginger, garlic and white part of green onion.
  4. After cooking is complete salt to taste and mix in green part of onion. Add more water to taste and consistency you like.  The pasta can make it thick, especially if it sits overnight in the refrigerator. You can always add more broth.

The soup will be pungent so it can open the nose and sinuses. Add salt to taste. It should be a little salty to help soothe sore throat. When you re-heat, try not to cook it too much, just warm it to your desired temperature. This will preserve the pungent properties of the green onion, garlic and ginger. You can also eliminate the chicken, noodles and carrot for a pungent salty broth to sip on throughout the day to ease cold symptoms.