What are the stages of the Covid-19 infection?

Based on information from countries first affected with the outbreak, we are being informed of the following:

There are 4 stages: Prevention, Initial stage, Pneumonia stage and Recovery.

Prevention: Eat healthy, reduce sugar and dairy, don’t smoke, light exercise, sleep well, avoid alcohol, take vitamin C and preventative herbal medicine and most importantly avoid contact with others. Please stay home and avoid contact with anyone outside your home. If you must go out, consider everything you touch to be infected.  Wear disposable gloves and cautiously dispose of gloves being mindful not touch the exterior as you remove. Remember that anything you touch with the gloves are suspect, such as door handles, gas pumps, carts, baskets, keys, wallet, credit cards, groceries and bags. The virus can live on hard surfaces for 3 days or more.  It can attach to respiratory droplets in the air and hang in the air for 3 hours. Be overly cautious. Masks cannot stop a tiny virus, but they can catch droplets, to which the virus is attached. Please wear masks.

Initial stage:  This will initially feel like a cold.  Fever, sore throat, cough, joint pain, severe fatigue.  At the very first sign of this stage, is the time to act. Herbal medicine can help. For most, this will be a bad cold and they will recover from this stage. If conditions start to get severe, temperature gets high, or you are particularly concerned, contact your medical doctor.

Pneumonia stage: We want to avoid this stage, especially for those with compromised lung function or immuno-compromised systems. The virus specifically attacks the lung tissue and the inflammation caused by the virus interrupts the lung’s ability to infuse the blood with oxygen. When the inflammation causes the lung tissue to burst, bacteria can enter the blood stream causing a septic condition that can be very dangerous. Contact your medical doctor if you haven’t already by this stage.  If there is nothing they can do, herbal medicine may be able to help, but this is a serious stage.

Recovery stage:  This is where herbal medicine can help restore lung function and repair damage. It can also help strengthen and rebuild.